A topper works as a surface mattress that is responsible for the quality of your sleep. It is a perfect solution for all those who want to enhance the comfort of their mattresses. When we feel that the mattress is sagging and no longer comfortable but can’t afford a new one, it is worth giving a topper a try. Placed on a sofa bed, a topper will surely improve your sleeping comfort! A mattress topper can make the surface on which we sleep firmer or softer. Another important benefit is an increased level of hygiene. The topper is located closest to our body, meaning that it gets dirty faster than anything else, accumulating dust mites and bacteria. If the cover gets dirty, all we need to do is remove and wash it. Additionally, toppers protect mattresses. Any spills, dirt and deformations affect the topper. You can replace it any time without any concern about the main mattress. Toppers offer a combination of comfort and functionality and as such they definitely deserve to be tested in your bedroom!