Not everyone realizes that the selection of the right bed base is crucial to ensure maximum comfort when using a mattress. Even top-quality products that perfectly adapt to our body shape won’t be enough if we pick a weak base or (horror of horrors) simply place the mattress on the floor. The quality of a bed base is one of the factors determining the lifespan of our mattress. A mattress that lies on the floor quickly loses its properties and is deprived of adequate air circulation. Excess heat is not dissipated, while dust, bacteria and mites accumulate on the mattress. It is much more reasonable to get a good-quality bed base. Its primary function is to keep the spine in the right position when we’re asleep. The bed base also extends the life expectancy of the mattress, absorbing the pressure of our body. What is more, it helps maintain proper air circulation and humidity. There are two main types of bed bases: adjustable and non-adjustable. The former allow users to adjust the inclination of the upper body and lower body to their individual preferences. Non-adjustable bed bases are permanently attached to the bed frame. They are a classic solution suitable for any type of mattress.