A properly selected mattress ensures maximum comfort and promotes restful sleep. When we choose our favorite product, we want to extend its lifespan as much as possible. We try to use it correctly, following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Still, the mattress might wear over time, losing its key properties. This is why it is recommended to consider buying a cover that protects our mattress from different types of mechanical damage. If we protect electronic devices (like tablets or smartphones) against scratches by purchasing screen protectors and cases, why not provide similar level of protection to our mattress? This can be achieved with a suitable cover which will make the mattress look and work like on the very first day. First of all, it can be easily removed (due to a 360° zip fastener) and machine-washed at up to 60°C, meaning that it’s good for allergy sufferers. That temperature allows us to get rid of all allergens and dust mites that tend to accumulate in our bedding. Secondly, depending on the type, covers are quilted with heat-resistant fiber that prevents the body from overheating and wicks the sweat away. Moreover, the cover is well adjusted to natural human microbiota and does not lose its unique properties when washed multiple times. It is worth investing in protection that will definitely extend the life expectancy of our mattress.