Boxspring beds

Alexander bed

  • Bonnell springs
  • 7 firmness zones
  • Polyurethane foam T25
  • Orthopedic properties
  • Gelax foam
  • 3D ventilation tape
  • Antifungal properties
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Cooling properties

Product description

The Alexander continental bed is dedicated to lovers of healthy and comfortable sleep. Inside it conceals the highest quality and most desirable components. The combination of independently operating pocket springs, mulitpocket springs and innovative Gelax foam with cooling properties puts this model at the forefront of beds in this category across Europe.

The Alexander bed is available exclusively in upholstery fabrics such as Fresh 01, Fresh 11, Fresh 13, Fresh 32. In this model, the height of the headboard, the height of the feet, the base mattress and the mattress proper are not customisable.

Bonnell springs are used in the bases of boxspring beds. They ensure resilience and appropriate shock absorption for the upper layers.

The mattress has 7 different firmness zones. As a result, it adapts well to the shape of your body and provides support for particular sections of your spine.

Polyurethane foam T25 is a flexible and durable material used as a component of boxspring beds.

The mattress offers orthopedic properties. It adapts perfectly to the shape of your body and thus helps maintain natural spine curvatures, facilities blood circulation and relaxes your muscles. Recommended for users of all ages suffering from sleeplessness and back pain.

An innovative foam combining the properties of gel, high-resilience foam and thermoplastic foam. It is breathable and elastic and adjusts perfectly to the shape of your body.

The cover features 3D mesh for increased air circulation inside the mattress and improved hypoallergenic properties. It also gives the mattress its unique looks.

The mattress has antifungal properties - this prevents the formation of fungi and mold which increases sleep hygiene.

The mattress is recommended for people with allergies. Eliminates accumulation of dust mites and fungi, thus increases sleep hygiene.

The product offers special cooling properties.

Fresh 01
Fresh 11
Fresh 13
Fresh 17
Fresh 32
Fresh 33