Boxspring beds

Atlanta bed

  • Two-level spring system
  • Bonnell springs
  • Pocket springs
  • Gelax foam
  • High-resilience foam
  • 7 firmness zones
  • Orthopedic properties
  • Semi-hard box
  • Polyurethane foam T25

Product description

The Atlanta continental bed features a majestic headboard which, combined with its elegant character and lightweight body, makes the bedroom feel like a luxury resort suite. The structure of the Atlanta is formed by a semi-firm box with polyurethane foam as a base, and above it is placed a mattress with a two-tier system of springs – pocket and Bonell springs. Additionally, the mattress contains layers of anti-bacterial foam and highly flexible foam to guarantee progressive resilience. High-quality components support the health of the user's back, skin, respiratory and immune systems. Atlanta is also distinguished by details such as the deep stitching on the headboard and the tasteful embroidery on the mattress cover proper. The slender legs add lightness to the overall design of the continental bed.
The product is only available in upholstery fabrics such as Milton 03, Milton 13, Milton 14 and Milton 15.

A combination of two types of springs in one system was used. Thanks to this, progressive elasticity was obtained, which in turn supports the relaxing properties of the mattress.

Bonnell springs are used in the bases of boxspring beds. They ensure resilience and appropriate shock absorption for the upper layers.

Pocket springs made of durable and noiseless springs. Each of them has been placed in an individual pocket and thus works inde- pendently of the other springs. The result is excellent body support.

An innovative foam combining the properties of gel, high-resilience foam and thermoplastic foam. It is breathable and elastic and adjusts perfectly to the shape of your body.

The sofa seat features high-resilience foam, which provides a high level of comfort and resistance to deformation

The mattress has 7 different firmness zones. As a result, it adapts well to the shape of your body and provides support for particular sections of your spine.

The mattress offers orthopedic properties. It adapts perfectly to the shape of your body and thus helps maintain natural spine curvatures, facilities blood circulation and relaxes your muscles. Recommended for users of all ages suffering from sleeplessness and back pain.

The semi-hard box is a robust base for the boxspring bed, enhanced with an additional layer of polyurethane foam.

Polyurethane foam T25 is a flexible and durable material used as a component of boxspring beds.

Milton 03
Milton 13
Milton 14
Milton 15