Healthy mattresses

Green Comet mattress

  • 22 cm
  • Reversible mattress
  • Health-promoting properties
  • Smart match
  • High Adaptive Pocket Springs
  • Polyurethane foam
  • 3D ventilation tape
  • 200g Conditioning fiber
  • 360 ̊ zip fastener
  • Cover washable at up to 60 ̊C
  • Other cover available

Product description

High and airy mattress with the use of specialized High Adaptive pocket springs.

Basic cover: AERO


The mattress is reversible.

It is distinguished by unique features, conducive to the rehabilitation of people with spinal problems.

The mattress has innovative pocket springs, which, thanks to their modern construction, intelligently adapt to each user, regardless of height and preferred sleeping position.

22 cm

A format consisting of high pocket springs (14.5 cm), characterized by uniform elasticity over the entire surface. Thanks to this, the mattress gains a high adaptive value towards customers of different height, body build and sleeping position preferences.

Polyurethane foam is a tried and tested mattress material offering good value for money. It may form an additional layer in spring mattresses or constitute the core of foam mattresses.

The cover features 3D mesh for increased air circulation inside the mattress and improved hypoallergenic properties. It also gives the mattress its unique looks.

The cover is quilted with air-conditioning fiber with a density of 200g. This supports the ventilation of the mattress and gives an additional feeling of softness.

A zipper along the circumference of the mattress, splitting the cover into two sections. For easier cover removal and washing.

"The option to wash the cover at the tempera-
ture of up to 60 ̊C helps maintaining the hygiene as well

as the hypoallergenic properties of the bedding."

Additional fee for a higher class of cover.