Anti-allergic mattresses

Jaśmin mattress

  • 23 cm
  • Reversible mattress
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Orthopedic properties
  • Particular durability
  • Summer – winter
  • 7 firmness zones
  • Multipocket springs (500s)
  • Thermoelastic foam
  • High-resilience foam
  • Molded foam
  • 3D ventilation tape
  • 360 ̊ zip fastener
  • Cover washable at up to 60 ̊C

Product description

The combination of thick thermoelastic foam with multipocket springs results in a great fit and solid support.

Dedicated cover: SAND

10 years warranty


The mattress is reversible.

The mattress offers orthopedic properties. It adapts perfectly to the shape of your body and thus helps maintain natural spine curvatures, facilities blood circulation and relaxes your muscles. Recommended for users of all ages suffering from sleeplessness and back pain.

Components of exceptional strength and durability were used to make the mattress insert.

Different fabric on both sides for the summer-winter system. The „winter” side accumulates heat, while the „summer” side offers special cooling properties.

The mattress has 7 different firmness zones. As a result, it adapts well to the shape of your body and provides support for particular sections of your spine.

23 cm

An improved version of pocket springs, with twice more support points (Approx. 500 springs/m2). Each spring is placed in a separate pocket, which makes it work independently of the others. The result is excellent body support and high durability.

The mattress cover features a thermoelastic foam lining.

High-resilience foam offers good springiness. It adapts well to the shape of your body and provides multiple support points. It is also known for excellent air permeability.

With the moulded foams, the mattress adapts even better to natural spine curvatures and ensures improved ventilation.

The cover features 3D mesh for increased air circulation inside the mattress and improved hypoallergenic properties. It also gives the mattress its unique looks.

A zipper along the circumference of the mattress, splitting the cover into two sections. For easier cover removal and washing.

"The option to wash the cover at the tempera-
ture of up to 60 ̊C helps maintaining the hygiene as well

as the hypoallergenic properties of the bedding."