Anti-allergic mattresses

Oxygen Fresh mattress

  • 26 cm
  • Reversible mattress
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Health-promoting properties
  • Oxygenating properties
  • Low compression
  • Smart match
  • Smart-Pocket springs
  • Antibacterial foam
  • 200g Conditioning fiber
  • Oxygen microcapsules
  • 360 ̊ zip fastener
  • Cover washable at up to 60 ̊C

Product description

Mattress with oxygenating and antibacterial properties. The cover has microcapsules with oxygen, and the insert is made of low-pressure springs.

Dedicated cover: OXYGEN

3 years warranty


The mattress is reversible.

The mattress is recommended for people with allergies. Eliminates accumulation of dust mites and fungi, thus increases sleep hygiene.

Properties to support daily protection against bacteria. Recommended especially for people with frequent bacterial infections of the respiratory tract and skin.

It is distinguished by unique features, conducive to the rehabilitation of people with spinal problems.

The mattress has unique oxygenating properties. They are obtained by increasing the amount of oxygen in our environment and by significantly improving its delivery to all cells of the body. This enables the use of low-pressure Smart–Pocket springs and a cover with oxygen microcapsules in the mattress.

A special property obtained thanks to the use of Smart–Pocket springs in the mattress. It consists in intelligently responding to the user’s pressure on the mattress - the stronger the pressure, the less resistance. As a result, those parts of the body that go deeper into the mattress (e.g. hips or shoulders) are not exposed to increased pressure. This allows blood to flow freely throughout the body.

The mattress has innovative pocket springs, which, thanks to their modern construction, intelligently adapt to each user, regardless of height and preferred sleeping position.

26 cm

Modern pocket springs with a height of 18 cm. Thanks to the innovative design, they achieve a unique effect of low compression, which is one of the two key factors for achieving oxygenating properties of the mattress.

A foam with antibacterial properties. It significantly contributes to the health benefits of the mattress. Recommended especially for persons suffering from frequent infections.

The cover is quilted with air-conditioning fiber with a density of 200g. This supports the ventilation of the mattress and gives an additional feeling of softness.

The cover has microcapsules containing oxygen. During the use of the mattress, the microcapsules gradually release their content and generate an increased dose of oxygen in the immediate vicinity of the sleeping person. This is one of the two key factors for achieving the oxygenating properties of the mattress.

A zipper along the circumference of the mattress, splitting the cover into two sections. For easier cover removal and washing.

"The option to wash the cover at the tempera-
ture of up to 60 ̊C helps maintaining the hygiene as well

as the hypoallergenic properties of the bedding."